About Me

I live and work in southern Ohio, on the same farm where I’ve lived my whole life. I attend Mass regularly at St. Mary’s, the original parish of what’s now the Ironton/Pine Grove Catholic Community. After being home-schooled starting at grade 6, I got my GED and then Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Ohio University Southern.

I’m currently working as a Web application developer and technical support for JB-Nets, a wireless ISP in Bidwell, OH.

About This Blog

The reason I have this blog is because I wanted a presence on the Web , under my real name, and presented in a relatively serious and professional manner. I’ve done the pseudonymous Web-site-as-hobby thing before, and I enjoy it, but I don’t want to limit myself to that alone.

Content-wise, I stick mainly to posts about the Internet and technology. I have posted, and will probably continue to post, about other things that interest me from time to time, including local issues, church stuff, and anything else I think is important. I will not likely be posting about what I had for breakfast (unless it’s really, really tasty, and probably not even then) and God willing, I’ll avoid pontificating on things I don’t know anything about.

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