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Quick Note About My Post Frequency

July 31, 2014 Comments off

Just a note: I’m going to be reworking my post schedule a bit.

For the most part, I’ve generally been able to stick to one post a month, usually in the last few days of the month. Lately, though, I feel like it hasn’t been working particularly well.

Normally, deadlines make me more productive, but when it comes to this blog, they don’t help for some reason. I think they’re even making things works. For instance, my April post was late, and last month’s post was more like a blog maintenance note that was padded out to a full post because I couldn’t think of anything else.

I’m going to do some experimenting to try to find a rhythm that works better. I have no intention of giving up the blog altogether, but I don’t think I’ll be sticking to a rigid schedule either. I have an idea lined up for my next post, so I’ll start with that and see where it leads.

Thanks for reading!

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