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Blogging About My Blogger Blog

October 11, 2010

[This post was originally made on my now-defunct alternate blog on Blogger.

Hello, everybody! As you can see, I am now the proud owner of a Blogger Blog. As with my other recent experiment, a main reason for having this blog (and the reason for having more than one) is to experiment with different blogging services such as Blogger. So I think it’s appropriate that my first post consist of my first impressions of this fine service.

First, the cons:

  • Blogger doesn’t like. Not only does its editor use line breaks (
    s) instead of paragraphs, but it seems to strip out the

    s I add manually in the HTML view.

  • The Dashboard interface takes some getting used to. It’s not that bad, but it could use some improvement in both usability and aesthetics.
  • The Blogger header appears over every page. I’ve read that it’s possible to turn that off, but I haven’t yet played with the service enough to figure out how.
  • There are only about six templates available in the template designer.
  • Only 10 additional pages are allowed. I imagine that’s plenty for most blogs, though.
And now the pros:
  • Templates are extremely customizable. Each template already includes several variations, page elements can be rearranged at will, and the template designer allows even further customization of colors, sizes, etc.
  • The template designer also allows custom style sheets (CSS), which is a pretty powerful tool.
  • Custom HTML. Now that’s customization!
  • Custom templates can be uploaded. Just in case the custom CSS and HTML weren’t enough.
  • The number of settings and options other than template customization is pretty impressive, too.
  • OpenID comments are supported.
Disclaimer: Though I’ve tried to avoid it, I’m sure I am guilty of mentally comparing and contrasting this fine service with WordPress.com. Once I’ve had more time to learn the ins and outs of each service, I’ll try to write up a real comparison.
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